Color Lights Level II


In this class you will learn about the 8 spiritual colors of the lumalight system and color therapy for animals.  We will cover the concept of vibrational healing and you will learn to match color vibrations to various body parts.   We will again cover the color facial and compare the spectral to the spiritual colors to feel the vibrational differences.  We will review the 7 spectral colors and learn how they effect animals.  You will learn the chakra and meridians for animals.  We will interact with hands on treatments with each other and also demonstrations on an animal to observe the responses.


(If no class dates are scheduled above, please contact the instructor to inquire about generating a class.)

COST: $300
INSTRUCTOR: Cynthia Hammond Reutter (Please contact instructor to register for class)
PREREQUISITE: Color Lights Level I

Hand outs are provided

Classes are limited to no more than 4 people so that you receive a more personalized training

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