Reiki I (Usui System) with Michael Shaffer

In the early part of the 20th century after 21 days of fasting and meditation on Mount Kurama in Japan, the Buddhist monk, Mikao Usui received insight into a system of Spiritual Transformation.

It is known as Reiki, a word derived from Rei (Universal Spirit) and Ki (Life Energy)

Originally, it was intended to assist those seeking spiritual enlightenment, using Meditations and guided teachings in order to attune practitioners to their own Spiritual Energy.

We will explore the history, What is Reiki, its Benefits, Reiki Ideals, how to use it for self healing, Why Receive Reiki, explaining the Attunement process !

How to give yourself and others Reiki
Exercises and Meditations to enhance Reiki Energy

Plenty of Practice time
$150 includes Reiki Manual

Certificate to be given at end of class 😀

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Michael Shaffer LMT, RMT
Owner, Canton Massotherapy
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