Reiki I (Usui System) with Kelly Stokoe

Anyone can learn Reiki!

This gentle, Japanese healing technique can be used for stress-reduction, relaxation, peace of mind/spirit, and overall well-being. It can balance your energy system and bring  your body into a deeply relaxed state of self-healing.

It can be used in conjunction with any medical treatment or procedure, often helping to alleviate pain or discomfort from surgeries while speeding up recovery time.

Reiki can do no harm and it can be used anywhere and in any situation.

In this interesting and fun class, you will:

Learn the meaning and history of Reiki
Learn about the human energy system (chakras and meridians)
Receive the ability to use Reiki energy for all aspects of healing (body, mind and spirit)
Understand how to use Reiki to promote healing in yourself, your family, friends, pets, etc.
Give a full Reiki treatment
Receive a full Reiki treatment
Experience lots of hands-on practice

Certificate awarded at completion of class

CLASS DATE(S): July 12, 2015  (9-4)
COST: $125.00
INSTRUCTOR: Kelly Stokoe (Please contact instructor to register for class)
DURATION: 7  hrs.
Includes course handouts plus:
Reiki: The Healing Touch First and Second Degree Manual (Rand)

View class flyer HERE

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