Michael Durbin – Life & Health Coach

Michael DurbinMichael Durbin – Life & Health Coach

Creating a Bio-individual Life Plan for Mid-Life Renewal

Michael began his professional career as a mechanical design engineer in 1984. After his engineering career he spent time as a small business owner, worked in several Ohio prisons teaching metaphysical principles and co-founded the Merging Hearts Holistic Center.
Michael received his life coach training from Coach for Life in 2007. In 2013 he added a health coaching diploma from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
As an engineer, Michael always enjoyed figuring out how things worked and how they could be improved. As a Life Engineer he applies a similar idea to those in mid-life. He has created an inclusive program with a holistic approach to creating better wellness through awareness. His process is a proven coaching system based on the belief that the client is responsible for, and capable of, creating the life they desire.
Step one, and one of the most important aspects of his coaching, is the care of the body. He believes that the health of our bodies plays an essential role in our ability to create the lives we desire. When our physical health is poor it demands our attention. So…in the beginning of the coaching relationship one of the main focuses is on the client’s physical health. Through a combination of food and movement the client creates a body that supports, rather than detracts from, the new Life Plan.
The next step is to begin to pull in other areas of the client’s life, as they desire and are willing to explore. The client is the leader in the coaching sessions as it is only the client that knows their desires and the steps they are willing to take to get there. Michael’s job here is to bring awareness to the mind (through the world around us) and to their spirit (through mindfulness and meditation).
Through this process the client learns to enjoy the wholeness of life and to release the idea that happiness is only possible when certain things are achieved.
He works with men and women in mid-life, ages 40-55, on their bio-individual life plan and with corporations, to develop a wellness program tailored to their organization’s needs.

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