Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?
Past Life Regression (PLR) is a way of discovering information about your past lives that are impacting your present life, using hypnosis to access the memories that are stored in your subconscious mind.

How can Past Life Regression help you in the present?
• It can help you resolve difficult relationships.

• It can speed up the emotional or physical healing process as one discovers on a much deeper level the root causes of one’s fears and blockages to well-being.

• It can help you to develop your full potential, unlock hidden talents, and create more compassion and love for yourself and others.

• It can reveal your life purpose and reason for incarnating, and help you understand who you are as an immortal soul living a human life.

• It can help you feel more grounded in who you are now and why you have certain characteristics, passions, desires, values, talents, concerns, etc.

• It can give you a greater sense of inner peace, love and self-acceptance through understanding why you have chosen your life circumstances and the lessons they bring you.

• It can simply help you to live a happier and more balanced life in the now.

What happens during a Past Life Regression?
The process starts with progressive relaxation.  Guided meditation techniques will put you in a alpha brain wave state (light hypnosis) in order to access your subconscious mind.  Guided imagery will allow your subconscious mind to recall past events that are impacting your present life.  We use a technique called Psychography, a process that has evolved since the 1950s, very similar to other past life regression techniques.

Will I remember what I recall during the session?  Will I have control over this process?
You will remember the entire session.  YOU are in control AT ALL TIMES.  Both are absolutely necessary so that your conscious mind can process the information and bring healing to the present.  Your subconscious mind knows exactly what you need in order to move forward in this lifetime, so that what you experience during a past life regression will be just what you need for your own growth and understanding in order to remove whatever blockage is standing in your way right now.

What if I recall something traumatic or uncomfortable?
Our extensive prayer and meditation work brings forth the highest, greatest good under the protection and auspices of archangels, angels, guides, other beings of light and love, and your own higher self. Most importantly, your subconscious mind knows when it is safe to recall intense experiences, and knows when your conscious mind is ready to bring forth traumatic memories hidden in your subconscious mind in order to process them.

It is also helpful to know that you can CHOOSE how deeply you want to experience a past life.  Do you want to re-experience the emotions originally felt at a deep level?  A great amount of healing can be accomplished in a short amount of time this way.   Or do you want to be an observer, and slowly understand, process, and integrate past trauma?  You don’t have to re-live a traumatic event in order to heal it.  Just knowing what happened in the past without re-experiencing the emotional or physical pain can begin the healing process and carry it a long way.

How do I know if a past life that I think I am recalling is REAL?
It is difficult to prove whether a lifetime you recall is real or not.  First of all, vast majority of prior lifetimes are poorly documented, if at all.  Secondly, details that might “prove” a lifetime was real are elusive – not everyone call recall precise names, dates, and significant events.  Having said that, it really doesn’t matter – the purpose here is to provide more insight into and healing for our own souls and selves.  Many others have published documentated “proof” of past lives in a number of publications.

In 35 years of conducting and undergoing past life regression, four major categories of recalls have emerged, all of which provide growth, understanding, and healing:

1. a “genuine” past life recall,

2. a metaphoric/symbolic past life recall,

3. a recall from the present lifetime, and

4. a recall of events between lives, such as the afterlife, or a planning session before a life.

In a “genuine” past life recall, you may feel like a different personality with different emotions, proclivities, reactions, goals, attitudes, approaches, philosophies, etc.  This is because who you ARE is a SOUL.  Your soul will EXPRESS as a different personality for what he/she wants to learn in a particular lifetime.

A metaphoric or symbolic past life might be shown to you in order for your higher self or your guides to show you quickly and efficiently something you need to know, or to give you a different perspective to help you solve a problem or navigate an issue you’re facing. This is essentially similar to the dream experience.

Sometimes your subconscious mind will bring you to an experience from earlier in the present lifetime, such as a repressed memory, the birth experience, or an experience that has more of a negative effect on you today than you had realized.  Sometimes this is purposefully done and is called a “Life Review.”  Many experiences in past-life recall parallel those in our present childhood and adult life, and appear to have been re-created in our present life in order to provide an opportunity to work through, release, and grow from them.

We can also examine the death experience, the afterlife, and to a lesser extent, the time between lives.  We never leave a lifetime without an understanding of why a particular lifetime was brought to you at this time, what you learned from the lifetime, and how it affects the present life.

What happens if I don’t remember anything?
Everyone is different in their ability to let go and allow the process to happen.  Individuals are likewise different in the manner in which they visualize, or imagine.  Some people will see details, while others will only get feelings or impressions.  Still others will be more adept at sensing smells or tastes or emotions.  If you can remember what a sunset looks like, the taste or aroma of your favorite food, the feel of your loved ones arms around you, or the emotional feel of your first kiss, then you are capable of remembering a past life.  The key is to let go of your thinking mind and allow your creative self to take over.
A number of methods are available to help overcome blockages in this process, and eventually EVERYONE recalls something.  It all comes down to practice, and finding which method works for YOU.  The process is analogous to digging a well: at first the well is muddy and unclear.  But if you are persistent in digging, the water soon flows more and more freely, and yields clear water.

How many times do I need to go through the process of Past Life Regression?
This is highly individual.  Occasionally, a person will learn all he/she needs to learn in one session.  More often, several to a dozen sessions will provide the most helpfulness.   Every now and then, a person will want to learn about as many lifetimes as possible in order to see how their soul has progressed over the millennia.  It then becomes a lifetime passion, usually for someone who wants to conduct and help others in their own journey to understand and heal themselves through past life regression.

It is not unusual for one session to yield memories from 2, 3, or 4 past lives.  The lifetimes then are not examined in depth, rather the salient and common features of each lifetime that have a bearing on this life are examined with a particular question in mind.

It is further not unusual for one particular lifetime to be recalled and examined over several sessions, sometimes with a number of years in between sessions.  Perhaps a person was ready to learn something 5 years ago and has integrated that lesson, but is now ready for some further understanding that the lifetime has to teach.

I am interested in Past Life Regression, but am very apprehensive about the process.
We offer group sessions, which provide a good introduction to PLR for those of you that want to know what the process is like but may have fears about it.  You may or may not recall a past life during a group session, but you can see how the process works and whether or not you want to pursue an individual session.  At a minimum, you will gain a comfort with the process, hear feedback from others, and have a relaxing experience.

How do Individual Sessions differ from Group Sessions?
In a group session, the conductor will not be able to get feedback from each person individually.  Therefore, you cannot be guided into a detailed experience.  Individual sessions will be tailored, specific, and much more detailed.  Since you will be guided individually and will be able to interact with the conductor, you will be able to reach a deeper level and have the opportunity to process, heal, and clear experiences.  Individual sessions are much longer and provide closure on whatever past experiences come to light.  We never leave an Individual Session without an understanding of why a particular lifetime was brought to you at this time, what you learned from the lifetime, and how it affects the present life.  You will be given a chance to process and internalize the experience.

How often can I do Past Life Regression?
We recommend once a month as the optimal amount of time between sessions.  You will need time to process and integrate what you learned from a past life regression session.  Having said that, occasionally people will find benefit in doing it more often, but more than once per week is generally not recommended.

What will happen after a past life recall?  Will I feel “different?”
You will continue to integrate the PLR in your daily life.  Your subconscious memories and associated emotions will have been “stirred up,” so you will be finding new ways to view yourself, others, and your present life situations.  More past life memories may be triggered.   Additional knowledge may surface within the days or weeks to follow, as you continue to process and integrate the memories into your present life and experiences.  You will likely continue to have “aha” moments as you integrate and process these memories.

It is recommended that you journal about the experience ASAP – write down the events viewed, the emotions felt, and the insights gained.  The subconscious mind is stimulated by the documentation of what you have experienced, and more information can be given or clarified in the process of writing.  An additional benefit of journaling is that it can remind you how far you have come in your understanding of yourself, which has obvious value!  As you integrate the memories and the lessons become part of the new you, you will gradually forget many of your past life regressions.

How can I schedule an Individual Past Life Regression or register for a group PLR?
To schedule an Individual Past Life Regression Session, register for a Group PLR, or schedule a PLR party, call or text

Barb Costelloe at 330-327-0349, or email her at