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Paul DiFranco
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Paul has a passion and real knack for performing, researching and studying the art and science of hypnotherapy. He enjoys applying it to assist clients to make life transformations. He sees hypnotherapy as an ideal approach to align the mind, body and spirit as a team for healing and growth.

He does one-on-one and group sessions. He also instructs self-hypnosis, which further empowers clients to self-adjust independently.

Paul is a certified clinical and spiritual hypnotherapist. His mission is to help clients accelerate their goal achievement so that they may live happier, healthier and longer lives. His training includes the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy approach developed by the Wellness Institute and taught through the prestigious Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

Paul has been a frequent presenter for the Complementary and Alternative Therapies class at Walsh College’s Nursing program. He also has presented a stress relief program for NEOMED students at exam time. Paul is a frequent presenter at Health Expo’s and Lily Dale Assembly in NY.

Paul is a certified meditation and yoga instructor. He performs with the musical group Smiling Heart. Paul has worked in HR, Training and Education fields in corporate, consulting, coaching and small business settings. MLHR, Ohio State University and BA, Psychology, Baldwin-Wallace University.  Ordained Minister


Just wanted to thank you again for an amazing and spiritual journey last evening. Elizabeth and I felt wonderful and I can’t believe it, but I am breathing in my stomach. I have been breathing for over 15 years from the top of my lungs.  I have attended many events and they always talked about how important it is to breath, but no one has ever taught me how to accomplish it. God Bless, and Thanks so much…..Kim


Basic Hypnotherapy:  Suggestion sessions guided imagery/journeys, and exploratory regressions. Up to 60 minutes – $75

Advanced Hypnotherapy & Deep Sessions: Often needed to get at the root cause. Hypnotherapeutic regressions / progressions / life purpose / spiritual guidance, and Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy ®. 90 minutes – $125.

Group sessions, workshops, hypnosis parties: Fees determined by content, length and location. Call or e-mail to discuss. There may be a per diem.

Packages: Available for multiple sessions and groups.

Speakers Bureau: Need a speaker for your group or meeting? Paul presents interesting and informative experiential presentations on the value of hypnotherapy and meditation. Please call to discuss.

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