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Wednesday November 8, at 7pm
Cost $20 for one/$30 for two.
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You know that person in your life who is so hard to love or gives you the most stress? Have you said to yourself, “I’m afraid this isn’t going to get any better.” Are you stuck in a cycle, time after time, believing that if I could just get them to see the error of their ways things would work out and I’d be okay.  How’s that working for you?
We all know we can only change ourselves; however, what if you could minimize how these people trigger you and thus adversely affect you.

• At this workshop you will learn Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that will work through your subconscious to create a doorway for calm and ease so you can respond, not react.
• If it helps for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, it can help you!

Attendees love that it works fast and lasts…“Amazing how in just two hours, information was given and resolution to pain and hurt was experienced, opening the way for growth and happiness.  Quick simple techniques! It was a great blend of information and hands-on learning!”      —Katie, Workshop

Tijana Coso

“Change It” Coach and Certified“
Yes Code Coach” with EFT



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