Dried Blood Viewing


Dried Blood Cell viewing is a screening tool to train you the client about the present condition of your body and help you access your nutritional needs. Patterns that set-up in tiny dried blood droplets, voluntarily sampled from the client show areas of stress, imbalance, toxicity and the like. Once identified, Bonnie can target the areas that are out of balance and empower you to decide on a program, which will assist your body to move toward wellness. Dried Blood Cell viewing is very detailed and it eliminates taking unnecessary herbs, vitamin, mineral and other homeopathic supplements. Through her coaching of cleansing, diet, lifestyle changes, and nutritional supplementation, balance can be returned to the body on many occasions in a relatively short period of time.


You can have this session as often as you would like, however, it is suggested clients come in every three months after receiving their first Dried Blood Cell viewing. Together we can view the positive changes that occurred before and after your program. During the second dried blood cell viewing Bonnie will explain your before and after pictures so you can see your level of improvements due to your personalized program.

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