Himalayan Salt Cave: Cave-ation

Please contact Barbara Addessi-Hostetler at 330-265-5734 to schedule an appointment or Purchase Products


Let yourself enjoy your own journey!

The cave consists of pure 84 mineral Himalayan salt. Your body is made of the same 84 minerals plus water; therefore, when these are in balance your body remains healthy, relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

Nature’s salt energy and light revitalizes your body!

Come experience a cave-like atmosphere surrounded by tons of Himalayan salt. While breathing air saturated with 84 minerals you will be relaxing in a comfortable chair, listening to soothing music and a trickling waterfall. This Himalayan salt enriched microclimate will release negative ions to help balance your health in a natural way by strengthening your immune system. Then add the glowing hues of orange light to promote energy, creativity, and total body harmony.

The power of salt has been known to be beneficial for:cave_hall3

Respiratory ailments
Digestive complaints
Skin conditions
Immune system
…and much more.

salt-web_crop_glowLight Therapy of Himalayan Salt

Red – Powers up your vital forces and gives an emotional boost.
Apricot – Promotes open mind and increased energy.
Orange – Relaxes tension and improves creativity.
White – Transforms chaos to a healing sense of calm and total body harmony.




Each session is 45 minutes in the cave, however, please allow an hour of your time. The cave holds four people at a time.  All session are “private”– only you or your group will be in the cave session.

$25 – One person
$20 each – Your Party of 2 or more
Pair your cave visit with other services and save!
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Conveniently located within
Rising Sun Holistic Choices at
4216 Hills and Dales NW
Canton OH  44708

Please contact Barbara Addessi-Hostetler at 330-265-5734 to schedule an appointment.

By Appointment

Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm

Friday 9am-2pm

Saturday 9am-1pm

YES, we sell salt lamps and products!

Barb’s unique and beautiful Himalayan Salt Glow Lights are on display and available for purchase at the Rising Sun retail showroom. Click HERE to see Himalayan Glow Light products.

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