Mediumship – Laura Lyn


I find great delight in helping my clients reach their highest potential. My counsel comes from a soul level and unconditional love. My clients find that the channeled message they receive from their angels provides extremely helpful guidance. Connecting with your angels is always a positive and uplifting experience!
~Laura Lyn

Some of the many benefits you will receive during an Angel Reading include:

• Receive guidance related to your relationships, career and health.
• Learn ways to amplify your connection with angels.
• Realize your gifts and how to bring them out.
• Connect with your Spirit Guides and their messages.
• Confer with your crystal grid and how the energies relate to your path.
• Discover how past life circumstances may come out during the reading.
• Obtain messages from departed loved ones.

Phone Reading Fee Schedule:
  • 20 minute – $60

  • 30 minute – $100

  • 45 minute – $140

  • 45 Minute Past Life Reading – $140

  • My hours for phone readings:
    Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday  11 –  3 pm EST.

One on One Readings:

One on One Readings are held two Saturdays each month at Rising Sun Holistic Choices

One hour reading price is $160 and this would be prepaid before the reading time.