Nature-Based Healing Arts

treesNature Based Healing Arts entails working in partnership with the natural world to bring about healing and well-being in both the personal and planetary realms. Indigenous cultures around the world are bonded with the land, all that the land supports, and experience everything as intelligent and sentient. They do not experience a sense of separation from other forms of life as modern people do.

However, we are intrinsically part of the natural world whether we realize it or not. For example, we live in relationship with trees and other plants via breath, yet, most modern people have taken this for granted or have forgotten this truth and a form of deep amnesia has set in; life has become fragmented and we have forgotten our wild nature. We are also a reflection of the land; exploitation and destruction of the land is our exploitation and destruction and healing of the land is our healing.

Living and healing without conscious contact with nature can easily become abstracted and disconnected. Many of our cultural and global problems stem from this disconnection, often with disastrous consequences, and–if we desire to move toward wholeness, balance, and harmony–our personal and collective healing must include a conscious reweaving of ourselves into the Web of Life.

Nature Based Healing Arts focuses on this conscious reweaving; remembering our rightful role as caretakers of planet Earth and bringing people and nature into co-creative partnership for the benefit of all beings. This brand of healing can help us reawaken our wildness and create a vibrant and living landscape, inwardly and outwardly, supporting personal and planetary health and well-being and a world governed by love, harmony, and beauty.

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