Healing Touch for Animals

Healing Touch for Animals® (also known as the Komitor Healing Method, Inc.) was founded by Carol Komitor in 1996 and is in the forefront of holistic animal care.  Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) provides hands-on, energy medicine techniques to assist in your pet’s health and well-being.

The hands-on (or hands-off) applications assist in clearing the animals energy fields and use the animals own energy system to promote self-healing in the body. The practitioner channels energy to the animals, causing whole body relaxation, which begins the healing response in the animal. With body relaxation as a starting point, HTA has also incorporated the use of tuning forks, music and essential oils. Animals benefit greatly from the sound and vibrational therapy that is introduced to them through the use of the tuning forks.

HTA techniques are an enhancement to your pets health treatments and do not replace traditional medicine or veterinary healthcare.

PRACTITIONERS: (Please contact practitioner to schedule services)
Taj Leppla