Plant Spirit Healing Sessions

These sessions involve a unique combination of healing processes aimed specifically for you and your needs. During a healing session Taj Leppla works with energy anatomy and calls upon plant spirit allies to restore life-giving energetic patterns and heal core issues, which have the potential to affect lasting change.  Careful assessment and dialogue are important aspects of this approach, which is designed to empower; you will always leave your session with “home play”, which supports health and healing through natural means.  This is an important key to this work because no two people are exactly alike; each life is unique with unique challenges and change is constant for everyone.

As healing is more of a journey than an event, these sessions include a health enhancement protocol designed to equip you with tools and practices to support living in optimal health and may include herbs for nutritional and medicinal support, essences for emotional support, plant spirits for spiritual support, as well as energy anatomy healing, relaxation and meditation instruction, and conscious contact with nature.

Plant Spirit Sessions with Taj involve:

  • Health & well-being assessment / consultation
  • Plant Spirit Healing
  • Health enhancement protocol with “home play”

A Plant Spirt Healing Session may include:

  • Chakra clearing & balancing
  • Vertical alignment
  • Removing intrusive energies
  • Removing energy blockages
  • Energy anatomy tune up
  • Elemental balancing
  • Soul contracts
  • And more!

What is Plant Spirit Healing? 

Plant Spirit Healing is a mode of healing that involves working with the consciousness and spirits of the plant kingdom. In shamanic tradition plant spirits are known to bestow their healing gifts and wisdom on the practitioner; there is a spirit intelligence associated with plants and that spirit communicates.  Recent research shows that plants are sentient beings with enormous capacity for communication and decision making. From Taj’s experience, and that of many others, plants have indicated that they are ready, willing, and able to participate and co-create with humanity in both personal and planetary healing.

Health Investment:

Initial Healing Session (first time clients) ~ $95 for approximately 90 minutes (involves careful assessment and conversation, energy healing session, and custom made essence to take home)

Follow Up Sessions (returning clients) ~ $40 for 30 minutes or $60 for an hour

Contact Taj Leppla to schedule above sessions
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Taj is available for speaking engagements and classes on plant communication and the ecological importance of native plants.