Stephanie Baker


Stephanie Baker

Stephanie was raised in a military family and has lived throughout the United States while growing up. Ohio was always considered “home” and she had an opportunity to move back in 2008 and has lived here since. In the last 10 years Stephanie has been gaining knowledge and practicing healthy living and feels the benefits of natural/holistic living enhances her life in every aspect. She has learned through experience that holistic/healing modalities are true gifts for both the practicing and the receiving. It has changed her life and she wants others to see and experience this wonderful and beautiful side of life that can be all natural, peaceful and giving.


Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing® is a no-touch session focusing on return to an optimal state of balance, wholeness and vitality.  Reconnective Healing® gives you access to an inner awareness that promotes strength, brainpower, wisdom, emotional stability and physical vitality.  Sessions are appropriate for adults and children
REconcective healing Stephanie baker

One hour session $60


 6.5% sales tax will be applied


To schedule an appointment call: 330-958-5749
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Updated 3-20-2017 subject to change