Terri Turkalj

lotusTerri Turkalj

Certified 500Hr Viniyoga Teacher
Certified 200Hr Integral Yoga Teacher
Certified “Yoga of the Heart” Instructor for Cardiac and Cancer patients.
Currently studying Yoga Therapy through the American Viniyoga Institute with Gary Kraftsow.


Terri is a yoga teacher, meditation instructor and yoga therapist (in training).  She enjoys sharing and teaching the art-science of yoga to help people bring about positive change in their lives.


Open Group Class –  No Pre-registration required

Adaptable for all levels.  Class format is an integration of the Integral Yoga and Viniyoga traditions and includes:

• Breath centered asana (physical postures)
• Pranayama (breath practices)
• Yoga Nidra (restorative relaxation)
• Meditation (introduction)
• Sound/Chanting (when appropriate)

Therapeutic Yoga Class – Pre-registration required

Designed for a specific condition or more in-depth training on a specific topic or yoga practice – Most often offered in a multi-week class series or workshop format.  Examples:

•  Yoga Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain (class series)
•  Yoga Therapy for Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) (class series)
•  Therapeutic Yoga for Stress Management (class series)
•  Introduction to Meditation (workshop or class series)
•  Pranayama Workshop (workshop)

Individual Yoga Therapy – (Scheduled Appt)
Whether you are recovering from an injury, seeking alternative methods to manage or improve a current physical or mental/emotional health condition, the art-science of yoga therapy can provide you with a customized scientific therapeutic practice to assist you in achieving your goals.


Contact Terri direct to schedule an Individual Therapy Session and current Therapeutic Class schedule and registration.
Open group classes are listed on Rising Sun Holistic Choices website calendar page.


“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”    Mahatma Gandhi