Terry K. Peterson

Terry K Petterson LMTTerry K. Peterson,  Licensed Massage Therapist
Email: tkpetersonlmt@yahoo.com
Website: www.cantonmassagetherapy.com

Terry is a graduate from Stark State Technical College for Massage Therapy. He prides himself on his intelligence of the human anatomy and massage techniques. Always eager to learn new techniques and modalities. He is trained in Auricular Therapy for Musculoskeletal pain and Addictions and Stress Related Disorders. Terry is also trained as a Level 2 Reiki and is looking to train for a Reiki Master Certificate in the near future. An education can never be taken away.History:
Terry has a massage work history in both chiropractic and spa settings, so he understands the medical affects and/or pampering of a good deep relaxing massage. Willing to work with doctors of allopathic and chiropractic medicine, he is able to treat injuries, (stress related or physical) under the scope of Massage Therapy. Massage is a health aid and in no way to take the place of a doctor’s care when indicated. Before Terry became a Massage Therapist, he worked in factories and mills. So he does understand first hand about work related injuries. From his blue collar background he understands the value of relaxing after a long day/week and feels that massage can make that stressful day/week disappear.

Getting the most:
During a relaxation massage, communication is key to getting the most out of the treatments. If speaking during the massage helps relax the body, then feel free to use conversation at a low tone, not to disturb other treatment rooms. If silence helps, please let Terry know and let the mind rest and fade away into the relaxing music during the treatment.   Communication is a must during a therapeutic massage. If discomfort occurs during the treatment, please let Terry know immediately. That way he can adjust the pressure or technique during the treatment. The goal is to help the body return to a normal balance.

Upper Body Massage: $30 (30 minutes)
Full Body Massage: $50 (50 minutes)
Extended Full Body Massage: $70 (90 minutes)
½ Reiki Session: $30 (30 minutes)
Reiki Session: $50 (60 minutes)