The Core Truth…A Forum: The Ancient Practice of Ho’opono’pono


shellyDo you work with people?

What are you doing to clear your energetic fields? 

What are energetic fields?  The ancient wisdom of Huna teaches us that aka is the energy field that surrounds us and it’s sticky.  Other peoples’ energy can stick with you.  Do you ever wonder why you feel a certain way that may not make sense?

In the spirit of the season of giving thanks, we will explore how the ancient practice of Ho’opono’pono works on multiple levels to clear you back to a balanced state.  This month we are going to briefly explore our etheric, auric and morphogenetic fields.  You will experience the ancient art and practice of Ho’opno’pono in a sacred space.  We cleanse our bodies with water and soap and oils, etc. Now, you’ll be grateful to have a powerful technique that can keep your own energy field clean & clear daily to experience a lighter state of being!

Note:  If you are an empath this can change your life, no joke!

Class: call to inquire

Facilitator: Shelly K. Parrott M.NLP, BCH, M.TLT®, Huna II

$10.00 Energy Exchange                              


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