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About Tijana Coso


I have been in personal growth and coaching/training most of my life. I always wondered why no matter how hard I tried; I lacked peace in some areas of my life but was a rocking success in others. In January 2015 I added a few new techniques to my tool chest. That’s when I noticed big improvements. I changed more dramatically in the first three months of 2015 than I had in the last 30 years of my journey. I love life and want to share what I have gained.   My motive truly boils down to me saying “Hey, world! If this works for me it can work for you!”


I started fairly early in my 20’s (about 37 years ago) helping coworkers. I was very successful doing sales and sales training. My education does play a part, as I have a Masters in Family Development and taught parenting classes and post-grad studies in counseling, but life really has been the Great Educator: careers, marriage, divorce, parenting, network marketing and being in the group Adult Children of Alcoholics – a 12 steps of AA program.

I credit my successful life to an inside job.  I go inward to improve outward.  Trust me on this one, I had to go inward and deconstruct and rebuild numerous times. It reminds me of how my kids built Lego towers and the next day rip them apart to start anew.  I know the process was a lot more fun for them than it was for me.

Even though I was always successful, I sought more peace and ease.  What I have learned is to live a life based on my truths and authenticity in order to win, but it takes focus and at times an exorbitant amount of personal growth to break out of limiting fears and negative patterns that hold you back from “Creating Your Life by Design”

Whether you need a little Change in your life or you want to go to the next level you don’t have to work as hard or long as I did because I discovered a faster and easier way with an “out of the box” “knock your socks off technique “which is a combination of Emotional Freedom Technique and the Universal Laws of Attraction.  For more information look for the “LINK on Change It” workshops

Tijana Coso