Will  help you learn how to quiet your mind and tap into your higher self.  Learning to shut down all the chatter will bring you great peace, help relax your body and mind, or help you reach a state of enlightenment.  Meditation can provide you the ability to enhance your concentration, improve your memory, and strengthen your intuition.

There are a variety of techniques utilized for meditation.  We will attempt to share with you different techniques each week.  You will enjoy some techniques more than others, so you will want to find and practice the technique that helps you most.

When you allow your mind to become silent you will find out who you really are and discover true joy and bliss!

Deep Trance Meditation – Dr. Jimmie Bowman
Come take a journey into what Dr. Terrence Mckanna calls “The Logos.”  The Mind Machine can take you into a deep trance meditive state naturally.  We mix audio and visual stimulations to take you into your own virtual reality.   In the audio side, we use sound frequencies and binaural beats to gently bring you into a state of deep meditation.  On the visual side. we use a small computer that pulsates light in time and frequency with the music.  So sit back and relax in a zero gravity chair and escape from the everyday noise and chaos of your busy life.


Please check our calendar for dates and times.