Reconnective Healing


REconcective healing Stephanie bakerReconnective Healing
Reconnective Healing® enables you to vibrate in balance with your innermost being -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through light and
information your cells, your emotions and your thoughts are recovering, so that you get back into your own initial power and perfection.

Reconnective Healing® is unique in its lasting effect, meaning that when you are open-minded you can see and feel the wonders.

Reconnective Healing® is suitable for every kind of problem such as physical symptoms, unsolved emotional situations, being stuck in a mental way or when you are simply looking for spiritual expansion. Reconnective Healing® sessions are no touch and appropriate for children and animals and can be done as long distance healing sessions. Reconnective Healing® has been scientifically explored and accepted, initiated by Dr. Eric Pearl.


Practitioner: Stephanie Baker








Updated 3-20-2017, subject to change